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P.P.U.H REMET - Regeneracja i sprzedaż nowych układów plastyfikujących

To meet your expectations, the company's offer was expanded in 2006 of new screw and barrels at attractive prices. They are carried out according to your specifications and guidelines. We cooperate with professional manufacturer of screw and barrels for many years, thus providing you with high and proven quality . Due to the fact that we are a family company, we offer very attractive prices.

Screws and barrels are produced on the basis of drawings provided by customers or by our company. We offer help and advice. Prices are estimated individually, after analyzing the customer's specifications. Delivery time is 3 to 3.5 months. We may offer also express delivery on special request. Parameters:

  • screwdiameter:14mm-255mm,
  • material:38CrMoAlA,
  • technology:nitridingtreatment,alloycoatingspraying,heat-treatment,
  • depthofnitratedlayer:0,5mm ,
  • hardnessofnitration:900-1000Hv,
  • surfacehardnessofnitratedCrcoatinglayer:>= 950Hv,
  • hardnessofbimetalliclayer:HRC55-72,
  • thicknessofCr-coatinglayer:0.03-0.08mm,
  • depthofbimetalliclayer:>2mm.

Type of products:

  • injection molding screws and barrels, application: PVC,PP,PE,PA,PC,ABS,ASetc,
  • extruder screws and barrels, application: PVC,PP,PE,PA,PC,ABS,ASetc,
  • biemetallic screws and barrels, application: PE,PVC,PP,etc,
  • twin screw and barrels, application: PVC + 30% CaCO3, recylced plastic material,
  • screws with TiN and TiCN coating, application: common plastic with GF < 60%,
  • screws and barrels assembly parts.

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