P.P.U.H."REMET" Andrzej Sołtysik,41-250 CzeladŸź, ul. Reymonta 46     mobile: +48 601 83 43 44
P.P.U.H REMET - Regeneracja i sprzedaż nowych układów plastyfikujących

Welcome to our website! We would like to introduce our company.

"REMET" is a family company and has been in business since 1989.Zapraszam do wsppracy Andrzej Sotysik From the beginning we have been regenerated screw and barrel for extrusion and injection molding machines. As a result of many years of experience in operating machines for the plastics we introduced the optimum method of regeneration. Thanks to reliability, quality and competitive prices we have gained satisfactory market share and recognition also appreciation from our customers.

In 2006 we decided to expand the company's offer of new screws and barrels. The combination of high quality and attractive prices, couse that these products became very popular among our customers. Our long-term partner provides us with products of very high and proven quality. The factory employs over 150 people, have a specialized team of designers with years of experience in the field of plastics. Products are exported to USA, Germany, Finland and other EU countries.

Details of our offer can be found on our website in sections Regeneration and New screws and barrels.

"REMET" company offers:

  • High quality of services,
  • Years of experience in the plastics industry,
  • Professional technical advice,
  • Very competitive prices.

Welcome for cooperation, Andrzej Sotysik